How to master the art of spin: a full-circle approach to product photography

360-degree product photography – also known as spin photography – is sweeping through the eCommerce landscape as brand owners look to enrich the buying experience for customers and claim market share.

For example, recent study published in Cyberpsychology, Behaviour, and Social Networking by Dutch researchers and involving 400 undergraduate students, shows the impact that 360-degree product photography can have on purchase decisions and product perceptions.

The research showed that the likelihood of shoppers making a purchase increased by 14% when they are presented with a product in 360-degree format. The study also concludes that shoppers’ trust in the information they are being shown about a product increased by 17% when potential buyers can see a product rendered in a 360-degree view on a website.

We sat down with our Product Photography Manager, DeWet Erasmus, for an expert view on spin photography and Silo’s solutions for clients.

Q: What is 360 photography?

A: For anybody that isn’t clear, let’s get an idea of the basics. Spin photography captures your product from all angles and is presented for use as an HTML file to be implemented in a website format. It is an advancement on traditional packshot photography.

Often confused for a video or animated gif, 360 photography is an interactive file that allows users to virtually manipulate and rotate the product for a detailed examination. The end product is a compilation of still shots that can be manoeuvred with a few clicks. The still images can be repurposed after the 360 elements have been designed, saving time and boosting your content collateral.

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Q:Is spin photography a growing trend in SA?

A: DeWet says it definitely is. “It isn’t large files that need to be implemented and incorporated onto a website. It’s easy to transfer and get it to the clients”.

360 in eCommerce is gaining traction in South Africa largely due to the ease of the process to create the format.

That makes a huge difference when so many businesses are trying to stay ahead of the content curve. By having access to state-of-the-art photographic technology, all eCommerce players have the opportunity to roll out rich content for their customers.

Q: When did Silo get involved with 360-degree product photography?

A: “Spin photography isn’t new on the scene. Our first experience of seeing this technology was through the automotive industry where we could rotate an image of a vehicle to see inside a car without being physically present.”

360 has been on our radar for a while now, and in 2019 become an integral part of our studio and omnichannel offering, says De Wet

With a global pandemic pushing businesses to grow exponentially in a short time frame, 360 product photography has been a natural progression for brands serious about elevating their online offer.

Q: What’s the risk for those who fall behind the spin photography curve?

A: “If I were to be a customer and I see one product on two different websites, I would see how they’ve each put it together. I would obviously use the one I can get the most information out of. It’s an aesthetics thing.”

Q: Why do brands turn to us for their 360 photography?

A: Because customers respond well to it, says DeWet. The driving factor is “the interaction between the product and the customer. 360 feels premium and is something that can engage the customer on the website.”

Five reasons why you need spin photography in your world

  1. Improved customer satisfaction
  2. An increase in ROI
  3. Accurate product presentation
  4. Fewer returns
  5. Higher conversion rates

360 and Silo: solutions all around

Enriched content is vital for brands to communicate the finer details of their product in a consumer-centric world where it is critical that potential buyers feel that they can trust the information being shared with them. In the trust proposition technologies like spin photography can be the difference between a sale or losing out to a competitor. It simply isn’t enough anymore to hope for the best and assume your shopper will search for accurate information or add to the cart.

Today’s shopper expects to be engaged, accurately informed and expertly guided through the online shopping experience.

So, if you need a 360 photography solution, let’s talk. Our team of experts excel at finding unique solutions for your eCommerce needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and we’re here to partner with you to find the optimal plan for your brand.

With incredibly competitive pricing, you don’t have to bend your budget to become an agile player in eCommerce. You can contact DeWet on or you can reach out to our Head of Imagery, Melody Deas on

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