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At Silo Studios we manage high-volume and engaging image content appropriate for any platform or channel through our three studios in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. We create print-ready, ecommerce-appropriate or highly stylised product images. We offer studios, talent, photographers, stylists and more as well as a flexible and scalable approach to the creative production process.

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Silo Studio
Silo Studio
Silo Studio
Silo Studio

Studio One: Cape Town

One of our three studio facilities, Silo’s Beach Rd Studio One is a 185-square-metre space that’s perfect for creating stunning food imagery with mouth-watering appeal. The studio boasts a fully equipped kitchen with a Smeg stove and five-burner gas hob.

Large windows allow for loads of natural light and they are also fitted with block-out curtains.

Not only can beautiful food images and content be created in this space, but Studio One is also equipped with an 8 x 12-metre curve for multiple creative content shoots.

Contact us for further detail about this studio and our other options.


Silo Studio One Cape Town - Floor Plans



Our eCommerce photography and scalable workflows are capable of meeting the exploding demands of today’s environment, as brands and retailers unleash high-volume product catalogues onto eCommerce platforms. We have three eCommerce studios, a full production team with a team of photographers and multiple Orbitvus.

Product and LifestylePRODUCT AND LIFESTYLE

The Silo Studio team will advise and ensure you get the most out of the time you’ve booked by creating assets for as many use cases as possible, developing stunning content that can be used across multiple channels in a cost-effective way.

360 Product Photography360 PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY

With its deeper engagement and higher conversion rates, 360 product photography – or spin photography – is sweeping through eCommerce as brand owners look to enrich the online buying experience for consumers and increase their sales.


We can help you add video content to your content strategy to engage and connect with consumers through creative loops, quick sequences, and smart video content.


Our involvement doesn’t end when the shutters stop clicking. Our professional retouchers will continue to add expert polish to images after the studio work is done.


There’s more to getting the job done than what goes on in our studios. We can handle all aspects of production management for clients, taking the complexity and stress out of shoots and tailoring them to available budgets.

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