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Below you'll find the answers to the questions we get asked most frequently. Should the query you have not be covered below, please feel free to email us in the comments box below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


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Ecommerce requirements.

Yes. Ecommerce marketing requires each variant of your product range to be presented online. Secondly, all the product/packaging information must be captured and published with the image.

Imagery and data.

This is where we can help, we will photograph your products at the required standards and capture your product information into the database, ready for you to use across all marketing channels. Just send us your full product range/s, and we will do the rest.

New variants.

Remember to send us the new variants you introduce into existing product ranges, so we can include them in the library. These can be sent individually, if the other variants have not changed.

Improved product features and new packaging design.

Whenever you update your packaging, the new packaging should be photographed to be updated in the library.

Similarly, when you improve on your product specifications/recipes/formulations/benefits etc. the new products (if applicable visually) need to be photographed for the library and the product data must be updated in the database.

Supporting graphics.

No. In addition to supplying your samples for photography, you may still supply your product images, product data, campaign creative, themes or other supporting brand collateral. Silo will list these and make them available through the library to your pre-approved/managed list of chosen retailers or vendors.

Note that these digital images must be of a specific standard. The recommended format in which to supply your supporting graphics is: 300 DPI at a minimum of 15 cm in either height or width; photographed at a straight-on angle; where relevant at 15 degrees top and sides and 5 degrees top and 10 degrees side; plus the out of packaging photograph if relevant for your product.

Silo will store your supporting graphics as additional angles to the standard product photography angles on the library. Making it easy for you to access, manage and collaborate with others relating to your brand assets.

Photography standards.

It’s important to note, that you would still need to supply your full product range for photography and data capture for listing on the library. Industry standards require products to be photographed according to strict rules and regulations.

This regulation is extremely beneficial to brand owners, retailers and ultimately the consumer, seeing as it requires that brands and products are accurately presented with consistency across all Omni-channel marketing.

Silo adheres to the industry standards and will photograph your products from all angles for data capturing purposes and we would gladly add further angles for you to suit your specific campaign style or for other purposes and requirements. These will be captured as additional angles to the standard 9 angles as indicated in the diagram.

standard photography angles
Standard photography angles per product

Yes. Absolutely.

Silo offers a single solution to content management with one platform from which to organize and manage all marketing assets and rich brand content information. It is easily accessible and supports your collaboration with other groups or retailers and vendors.

Silo Studios. Cape Town. Johannesburg. Durban.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Book your order with your sales representative, who will schedule the most ideal production slot for your products, confirm your delivery date, time and the booked studio and deliver your product range to the relevant studio.

Selecting the right studio.

You may choose to deliver your products to the closest studio for your distribution purposes, but please ensure that you have confirmed the correct studio at the time of your booking.

Product sample delivery.

The entire range must be delivered to one particular studio; therefore the variants within one product range cannot be split. The reason for this is to ensure you receive the best representation of your range that is consistent in product photography, post-production retouching and the capturing of the product data.

Perishable products.

We make special arrangements for perishable products and your sales representative will book the most ideal time for the photography production process requirements based on your confirmed delivery time and date.

Be mindful to supply the products in their best and freshest state, to ensure your products are looking its best.

Non-perishables. Yes.

Your non-perishable product samples are ready for your collection after 7 days from your confirmed production booking, and within 4 weeks from the time you delivered the products. Unless otherwise arranged, after 4 weeks from delivery, all un-collected samples will be donated to local charitable organisations.

Perishable products will be disposed of in a responsible manner if not suitable for donating to a local charity.

Sample condition post-production.

Our team handle all products with the utmost of care at all times, but to be able to photograph the product in its authentic state whether inside or outside its packaging, it is mostly standard procedure to carefully remove the packaging elements that obstruct the authentic appearance of the product.

These may include the removal of plastic wrap, hanging tags, price tags, the back labels of wine bottles (due to the reflection through glass) and/or any other distracting labels or materials.

Product ranges.

Yes, it is essential that all variants within a range are photographed together for consistency of colour, lighting, retouching and other production processes.

The product data of the entire range is captured at the same time, simplifying the validation process for the retail buyer as well as the manufacturer.

Most importantly, each variant can be accurately portrayed individually online with the correct product information for each specific variant.

Product sample specifications.

The product type as well as variation within categories will determine the amount of samples required for image production.

As a rule, when supplying fresh or perishable samples, include an extra sample per variant where relevant and package these with special attention to ensure that we receive the samples at their best condition and long before the sell by date.

Product sample quality.

Our Product Receipt Manager will inspect all product samples and will notify you in case the product is considered not fit for photography. The production slot may then be put on hold until a better quality sample is provided to replace the damaged sample.

As a general rule, products cannot be photographed if any of the sides of the product packaging is damaged; if any data is obscured or illegible; or if the packaging is not in-tact in anyway, seeing as all products are photographed from all angles.

New packaging design.

Product ranges that receive a new packaging design or updates to the packaging must be captured and listed to replace the old product photography on the library. It is essential that only the actual representation of your products are listed on the library.

Please supply us with your new packaging design ranges for image production and data capturing. Silo will ensure that all the old product imagery and data is replaced with the new and ready for distribution to all marketing channels and made available to retailers for promotion.

Validation of brand assets.

Yes absolutely. Brand owner are required to validate their brand content prior to these being made available for usage and distribution.

The service that Silo provides supports brand owners in ensuring that they remain in control of the usage of their brand content and that the authenticity of the brand content is guaranteed. This allows for brand authentic and consistent usage of all brand content across all marketing channels, online and in print across all retailers and vendors.

Brand owners are required to validate all the brand content produced by Silo through an approval process, prior to the brand content being released for usage and distribution via the library.

Single solution to content management and collaboration.

Brand owners can quickly and easily share and re-use a standard set of images and data internally within the business as well as with external parties, managed from a single platform.

If your query has not been answered above, please send us your question or query in the comments box below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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